Short Stories

  1. | Mrs.Colby and The Untitled
  2. An aged genre-fiction author and her lover correspond over the many obstacles to their relationship. The author plans to divorce herself from a loveless marriage and use the profits of her newest novel to elope with her paramour. However, the author is increasingly paranoid towards homicidal inclinations of her soon-to-be ex-husband, while bizarre dreams of a gothic puppet show distort her perception of reality.

  3. | One Story for Enid
  4. Former lovers Peter and Gerald are trapped by a storm in a funeral parlor, after the wake of Peter's late-mother. As the storm outside grows more and more intense, they decide to tell eachother ghost stories as a means to pass the time. The two of them find solace in this classic ritual, but unbeknownst to them is a strange undercurrent in every story that drives them deeper and deeper into the dark.

  5. | To Dance Calypso
  6. Joe travels to the beach bungalow he bought for his wife Cassie, as he plans to spread her ashes on the lip of the shore. On his way there, Joe meets a lonely sailor that confides in him as a fellow widower. Joe's plans are interrupted when he discovers a man drifting unconscious on the waves, and he resolves to ferry this man to safety. Once he returns to the beachhouse with his new charge, he finds himself infatuated with the strangely beautiful drifter, while surreal nightmares bode of a forgotten past.

  7. | The SKINNY Film
  8. Hunters discover the ghoulish corpse of young Perry Till, an aspiring filmmaker and son of the local cinephile Joseph. A downtrodden man adopted into their idiosyncratic family recounts the events leading up to Perry's death, all stemming from the boy's fascination with macabre movies. Perry discovers a VHS tape, marked with the word "SKINNY," and becomes obsessed with the disturbing contents. His attempts to recreate the video lead him towards horrible secrets never meant to be unearthed.

  9. | 15 Disney Tips for The Aspiring Fanatic
  10. Planning a fun vacation this summer? This helpful listicle lays out all the amazing things you can do while visiting the happiest place on earth. Just proceed with caution, because there may be a greater price than the cost of mechandise when you devote yourself to fandom.

  11. | What Happened in The SeventhOS?
  12. This article details a strange program I came across a few months back, though I changed a few details for the sake of those that might be tempted to look into it. All I can say for sure is that there are strange goings on with a cult centered around ancient Greece. Perhaps this write-up will be enough to satiate your desire, but, knowing my own tendencies, I sincerely doubt that it will.