Ephemera 2: Four Found Dead

An article reprinted from the online publication of the Saperavi Crusader with the express permission of the author and publication. We were regrettably unable to contact Dana Midwich, who has relocated since the publication of this article and refuses to respond to our attempts at contact, so we will include an artist’s rendition of the accompanying photo instead. If you know Ms. Midwich and would like to provide an available avenue of communication that she may use comfortably, we would sincerely appreciate the chance to include the original photograph.

- The Editors

Four Found Dead in Internet Cult Ritual at Saperavi City Library
Written by Terence Sullivan; Photo by Dana Midwich; Published 7:13 am June 12th, 2025.

Four individuals were found dead this morning in a conference room at the Saperavi City Public Library, which police are investigating as a group suicide with potential ties to an online cult. The four individuals involved in the suicide were Laura Borgosi, 24, Darren Micheal Wilson, 25, Audrey Grace Hampton, 25, and Samantha Graham, 23.

At the time of writing, the initial examination indicates that they employed two methods of suicide. Hampton, Wilson, and Graham ingesting an as-of-yet unidentified substance before slitting their wrists, followed by Ms. Borgosi suffocating herself using Hampton’s hoodie as a makeshift noose tied to the door handle of the conference room. More details will follow once the full coroner’s report is available.

The Saperavi City Public Library will be closed until further notice after the investigation is completed. The librarian on-shift last night, Leslie Haufman,33, has yet to be located. Library officials have released a statement lamenting this unforeseen tragedy and promising that the beloved repository of knowledge for Saperavi University and the entire city will be back in operation soon.

Police Lt. Harvey Campbell suggested that this suicide may be linked with recent online trends. Teenagers and young adults have recorded themselves biting or cutting the necks of their friends and then ingesting their blood. Pornographic images and videos have emerged of individuals engaging in intercourse while covered in eachothers’ blood.

“These kids are always looking for the next high or the most extreme fetishes,” said Lt. Campbell, “we’ve arrested a number of college students who were collecting their friends’ blood in a water bottle and then mixing that with MDMA and ecstasy. It’s frankly disgusting, and I wouldn’t believe it myself if we didn’t have the evidence back at the station.”

The Lieutenant also singled out Wilson as the potential ringleader of the suicide pact. Wilson was arrested last summer for an altercation with police during a racial justice march that came into violent confrontation with a white identitarian group known as The Knights of Hyperborea. His online presence also indicates pervasive anti law enforcement sentiments and a tendency to ingest illicit substances.

The Saperavi City Public Library is a historic building and a prided institution of our community. It boasts an impressive collection of rare books that often attract distinguished academics from around the globe. The library also has a sordid history with rumors of the occult, which led to protests by concerned christians in the late nineties calling to have it shut down.

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