Book I

  1. Act I

  2. Chapter 1: Clogged Hourglass
    In which four friends prepare for an exclusive art exhibition.

  3. Chapter 2: The Four Pronged Wheel
    In which Laura welcomes her guests and treats them to a meal.

  4. Chapter 3: Three Strains of The Night
    In which a librarian looks to her cat for comfort from an illness, a shy young woman bares her heart, and a security guard enjoys a midnight snack.

  5. Chapter 4: A Dead End Town
    In which Dove wakes up in a stranger's bed and discovers a helpful kindred spirit.

  6. Chapter 5: Heart of The Nightmare
    In which Audrey tries to explore her dwelling until she recognizes a tight knot within herself.

  7. Chapter 6: Lost Apostates
    In which Marcus examines an angelic presence before engaging with unwanted guests.

  8. Interlude: Parable of Sophia

  9. Coda: End of Act I
  10. Act II

  11. Ephemera: The Country is Full of Vampires

  12. Chapter 7: Take Out Night
    "I have eaten so many peasants, it's crazy"

  13. Chapter 8: Modest Proposal
    "I never pegged you as a big fan of tubed meat"

  14. Interlude: Preliminary Research Notes

  15. Chapter 9: Friends Like These
    "I'll explain it to you like you're one of those trust fund kids"

  16. Chapter 10: Sweet Summer Nights
    "Make sure you clean up that mess if you want any dessert"

  17. Ephemera: Four Found Dead

  18. Chapter 11: Stag Party
    "Maybe the guy should focus on getting some lexapro"

  19. Interlude: Research Notes 2

  20. Chapter 12: Quality Time
    "Your body is a fine instrument tuned to play all number of gorgeous melodies"

  21. Chapter 13: Back in Style
    "People die and come back with some regularity"

  22. Chapter 14: Dreams Under Daylight
    "You’re just the croque de monsieur I’ve been looking for"

  23. Interlude: Research Notes 3
  24. Addendum

  25. Ephemera: Comics